A solar power station in space to beam electricity to Earth? Yes, it’s possible

A solar power station in space to ray electricity to Earth? Yes, it’s possible 


Solar electricity from space could be a result to the world’s energy problems. However, much like nuclear emulsion, there’s still a lot of query about development costs andtimelines.Still, scientists from China’s Xidian University completed testing and examination on a ground array intended to collect space- grounded solar power, bringing the world one step closer to witnessing functional space- grounded solar power. 

According to a press release from the university, they successfully tested the” world’s first full- link and full- system solar power factory” on June 5. 


A 246- bottom-altitudinous( 75- cadence) sword palace on Xidian University’s southern lot houses the space- grounded solar power factory. 

The Xidian University power factory will theoretically connect to orbital satellites that will capture solar electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week due to their geostationary route ways ,before beaming that energy down to Earth through high- frequence microwave oven shafts. The power factory will include five subsystems devoted to the development of space- grounded solar power arrays. 

Solar power from space has a lot of implicit because it can collect energy continually without having to deal with issues like bad rainfall or staying for the sun to rise. still, there are still obstacles to overcome, similar as determining the impact of a high- frequence energy ray on dispatches, aeronautics business, and the health of original populations. 


The new ground station at Xidian University is part of a conception for space- grounded solar power called OMEGA, which stands for sphere- Shape Membrane Energy Gathering Array. Duan Baoyan of the Xidian University School of Electromechanical Engineering and his associates first presented the offer in 2014. 


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