Annadata Android App For Farmers And Technology Tips For Farmers

About Annadata Application

Anndata”(Annadata) application is a comprehensive collection of information and tools for farming and farmers. This application provides useful information for farmers in their farming practices and offers helpful suggestions in various contexts. You can access useful calculators for rainfall, weather forecasting, pest control, irrigation management, crop harvesting, fertilizer application, and other quality-enhancing tools. You can make farming preferences, maintain farming records, and update your farming activities. The application also provides market information, crop prices, government schemes, and connects you with the farming community. It facilitates farmers’ assistance through a user-friendly interface. The application also offers market information and primary resources for farmers.

Enhance your farming by following the latest and modern practices and systematically organize your crop-related information with the help of this application. You can keep track of your farming accounts and expenses and utilize the farming calculator for farmers. Additionally, you can access details about government schemes and farmer benefits.

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અન્નદાતા એપ્લિકેશન ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Better Agriculture for Better Future

Agri Science is committed to address the issues of Excessive usage of fertilizers & pesticides, decline in soil health, poor quality of seed/plating material through “Harit Kranti” mobile app to improve quality of farming and agronomic practices through agronomic advisory. Issues of market accessibility, correct price for farm produce will be addressed through “Annadata” mobile app there by increasing the revenues and farmer welfare by improving their lifestyle.

Agriscience is committed to build a healthy and prosperous nation, with happy and aware farmers along with fertile Soil. Digitally available data is analysed for Socio-Economic Landscape of Farmers. A Single Concise Data Warehouse will be made available with easy access as per Needs to various Governmental Departments for implementing Farmer welfare and subsidy schemes effectively

This application serves as a complete platform for farmers, encompassing a significant portion of farming-related resources. From natural farming to organic and scientific farming techniques, you can acquire information about various modern farming processes.

The primary objective of the “Anndata”(Annadata) application is to provide farmers with more and more guidance, suggestions, and assistance in their agricultural pursuits and to be readily available in farmers’ times of need.


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