COVID-19 Exemption Pass in Lockdown COVID-19 E-Pass Apply

The whole world is suffering from a corona-virus epidemic. Due to the coronavirus government of India has been implemented the lockdown across the country. Lockdown COVID 19 ePass Apply Online link state-wise provided below. Firstly, the lock-down was of 21 days now PM Narendra Modi extended the lockdown till 17th May 2020. Every citizen of India needs to follow the lock-down, and if anyone has important work only then he/she are allowed to come out of their home. COVID-19 Curfew Pass Application link.
=The government provides COVID-19 e-pass to the people of India so that they can make their work important. Corona Curfew W-Pass issued in the states of India. In this article, we are providing complete information on Corona-Virus e-pass and how to apply for e-pass
=As everyone knows, coronavirus epidemics have increased in many countries. India is one of those countries, so the Prime Minister launched a lockdown in which people are not allowed to go out of their homes through the e-pass service of essential services.  Coronavirus is very dangerous to humans and is spread by touch.  Workers are facing many problems in this lockdown phase.
 =An e-pass is generated for the working citizens of each state.  Holders of the e-pass can go to their workplace by showing the Corona Curfew e-pass to their state police.
  =The citizens of India who are constantly working to help people can be these hospital staff, policemen, industries and courier services etc.  Apart from this no one is allowed to go out unless these institutions can go for work.
 =The authority will check all the documents before giving e-pass to the people.  Only those citizens who provide some important service will get e-pass.  They are allowed to sell their necessities like fruits and vegetables without any e-pass.
 =People from different states can send messages and documents via WhatsApp to apply for Corona e-pass.  A WhatsApp number is issued for each state through which applicants can easily complete the application process.

COVID-19 Exemption Pass in Lockdown COVID-19 E-Pass Apply

Matters of guidelines for permission to move from one area to another in the State of Gujarat


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