How to change your Gmail password

How to change your Gmail password

Learn how to change your Gmail Password when you’re using Gmail.
Gmail’s passwords need to be changed when there are many email addresses in Gmail.

Below are the five steps to change your Gmail Password

1. Click the gear and choose Settings
2. Click Accounts and Imports from the list at the top
3. Click Change Password
4. Enter your current password

5. Enter your new password twice and click Change Password

Learn how to change the password in iphone

A simple way to change the password of a gmail ID in iPhone
1. Open the Gmail app and log in.
2. Tap the menu button, represented by three horizontal lines and located in the upper left corner.
3. When the menu appears, scroll to the bottom and select Settings.
4. Tap your Google email address, located near the top of the Settings screen.
5. Select the Manage your Google Account option, located in the Account section.
6. On the Google Account screen, tap Security immediately under your email address.
You may have to swipe across the top of the screen to locate the Security heading.
7. Tap Password in the Signing in to Google section.
8. Type your current Gmail password and tap the Next button.
9. Enter your desired new password twice, once in the New password field, and again in the Confirm new password field. 
10. Tap Change Password to complete the process. You’ll see a confirmation screen that your password has changed.

Change Gmail password:

1. Open Google Account management page:
2. Click on the Change password link in the Security section: 
3. Enter your current Gmail password or your security question.
4. If you don’t know both, read on to learn how to recover your old Gmail password in emergency case. Enter your new password twice as well:
5. Click on the Save button to change password in Gmail.
6. You should see “new password has been saved” message if Gmail password change was successful:


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