How To Invite to whatsapp

How to Invite Someone to Join WhatsApp

Inviting someone to WhatsApp is a simple process. This post will walk you through a step-by-step process for inviting someone to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging app that is available for free. It’s one of those apps that everyone has installed on their phones. Follow this tutorial to learn how to invite someone on WhatsApp if you haven’t already.

Invite Someone on WhatsApp: 6 Steps

Step -1: Open WhatsApp: First you need to have WhatsApp Application in your mobile device. If you don’t have one, then you can download one in a few easy steps.

  • WhatsApp is a green coloured app, with a chat bubble and a call symbol present at it’s centre, in white colour.
  • Android users can download the WhatsApp from Google PlayStore and Mac users can download it from AppStore.

Step -2: Tap on the 3 dot button: After opening WhatsApp, you’ll find all the chats you’ve made with your contacts.

  • You’ll find all your contacts and your chats with them.
  • You can also see the unread messages.
  • On the top right side corner, you’ll find three dots.
  • Click on them once.

Step-3: Tap on “Settings”: After tapping on the three dots, a new popup box shows up. It’d have options to make a new group or make a new broadcast message. You’ll have this option called – Settings – at the end. Tap on it once.

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Step -4: Tap on “Invite a friend”: At the top of the page, you’ll see your username along with your short bio and display picture. You’ll also have other options like Account (which has privacy and security options), Chats (which has theme, wallpapers and chat history settings), Notifications (which has message, group and call ringtones), Storage and Data (which has network usage and auto-download options) and towards the end you’ll have this option – “Invite a friend”. Tap on it once.

Step -5: Choose the contact: Now you need to choose, which contact you want to invite. You can invite anyone who isn’t available on WhatsApp. You can even use a search bar to find that particular person. After finding them, tap on their name.

Invite to whatsapp Full Video

Step -6: Send the invitation: Soon after you tap on their name, it’ll take you to the device messaging application, with an invite link to that particular person’s contact. You can edit and add any more information you wanna say to that person, without altering the link and click send button.

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