How to set up google pay app

How to set up google pay app
Rupees can be paid in Google Pay, you can make updates and recover rupees. Google Pay can easily manipulate rupees in rupees.
Download Google Pay Set before downloading it from the App Play Store

Set up Google Pay

As mentioned above, the Google Pay (Tez) works based on the UPI service by the Indian government
1. stall & open the Google Pay (Tez) app from Google Play Store.
2. Choose the app language.
3. Enter your mobile number (which you connected to your bank account) and wait for OTP verification.
The same number should be the one in use on your smartphone.
4. Choose your Google account to continue with Google Pay.
5. Select any of the Google Pay security locking methods.
You can either choose smartphone lock screen passcode or a custom Google PIN.
6. Now you are all set and you will see the app interface.
Next you are linked to the phone number and the bank account.

Get the Google Pay app

1. Download Google Pay  on phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.
2. Enter your phone number. 
3. Sign in with your Google account.
4. Follow the instructions to secure your Google Pay app and add a bank account.

To add credit or debit cards:

1. At the bottom of the app, tap “Add”, then choose credit or debit card.
2. Use the phone’s camera to capture your card info or enter it manually. Credit cards cannot be used to send money on iOS devices.
3. Choose an option to verify your payment method if requested.

4. Find and enter the verification code.

To add a bank account:

1. At the bottom, tap “Send,” then choose how much you want to send and who to send it to.
2. Tap “Send” again.
3. Next to the payment method you want to use, tap “Change,” then choose “Add bank account.”
4. Enter your bank account info, the save.
5. Tap Save.
You can instantly verify your account by signing into your bank account. 

How to set up google pay app


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