Dictionary app provides all language Translator OCR vocabulary expressions & expressions. 


 i- Dictionary is a Dictionary & All Language Translator App provides Translator for textbook restatement to restate free, free offline wordbook gives description antonyms and meaning of the words, OCR textbook anthology restate the textbook in the image into any language, ameliorate vocabulary expressions and expressions with expressions and expressions wordbook and vocabulary builder. 


 Dictionary app provides all language Translator| English to Hindi wordbook and restatement OFFLINE| Online literacy app, 


 You feel embraced when texting with someone? Finds it delicate to understand the vocabulary. Do n’t worry Dictionary & All Language Translator will break all your problems as it provides its stoner wordbook. All Language translator point to restate into all languages. 


 i- Dictionary Dictionary & All Language Translator can ameliorate alphabet, Grammar Check points out the grammatical miscalculations, removes the spelling miscalculations. All languages translator removes hedge as Dictionary app free provides the all language translator. 



 • hear to restatements in manly or womanish voices. 

 • Switch between different cants when you restate. 


 • Dictionary & close for all languages 

 • Transliteration, participating, pets, History, and much further. 



 • Lens Use your camera to incontinently restate menus or signs and further. 

 • Offline restatement mode in over 40 Languages. 

 • Voice- to- Voice exchanges. 

 • Verb conjugations in different tenses. 



 i- Dictionary Dictionary & All Language Translator is an offline dictionary each language app. Remove your language walls. Offline judgment restatementi.e OCR textbook anthology is also available. 


 i- Dictionary Dictionary & All Language Translator is beyond a simple wordbook! painlessly restate textbooks, filmland, or exchanges by following the simple way. It meets all languages translator needs, counting study, work and traveling abroad. 


 i- Dictionary Dictionary & All Language Translator Features 

 • Free offline Dictionary Check wordbooks in all languages 

 • Text Translator Translate languages 

 • Camera Translation OCR textbook anthology Snap to incontinently restate any textbook 

 • discussion Translator Voice to state restatement between different languages 

 • Grammar Check Check English textbook and fluently correct miscalculations 

 • Learn from number of authoritative word delineations 

 • Translate between all languages 

 • Copy words or rulings from any app and get meaning incontinently 

 • Authentic UK( British) and US( American) accentuation 

 • Audio accent for each of the words in the app 

 • Learn English Vocabulary 

 • Popular English Expressions & expressions 

 • English expressions Dictionary 

 • Learn English with ease and fun. 

 • Learn English with the support of fun Quizzes. 



 This app has lakhs of English and Hindi words. It helps in erecting your vocabulary by diurnal words meaning, word of the day cautions, and word of the day vids. You can find words and track them for literacy. You can exercise word literacy by playing word games like headsman, fight, crossword. This app has a spell- checking tool that can tell right or wrong spelling for words. Audio pronunciation tools help in harkening to the correct sound of words 


 HINDI TO ENGLISH DICTIONARY AND TRANSLATIONHinKhoj Dictionary is one of the stylish and most downloaded app to find meaning and description in English for Hindi words. restate Hindi words to English snappily using this app. You can class in Hindi directly and find meaning in Hindi English wordbook. It can help in reading a diurnal review in English. 


 VOCABULARY BUILDING FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMSHinKhoj wordbook provides flashcards, educational vocabulary structure vids, word banks for professionals, scholars, and academics. scholars can use the free wordbook to ameliorate vocabulary for SSC, IBPS, Bank PO and colorful competitive examinations 


 literacy APPThis app can help in learning both Hindi and English language. Words are handed with proper alphabet operation like Noun, Verb, Adjectives, Pronouns, etc. numerous expressions are explained via exemplifications. delicate words are explained with exemplifications and detailed description. diurnal word learning help in structure vocabulary for language. Reverse of words helps in knowing analogous words and antipode of words help in knowing the contrary meanings. Spell checker can help in avoiding common miscalculations. One can track hunt history and mark words as favourite. 


 restatement COMMUNITYLakhs of people are connected through our app to help each other in answering questions related to wordbook and restatement. Ask our experts to get meaning and restatement of rulings in the app 


 virtually is India’s first existential literacy app, designed to make literacy immersive and increase retention in STEM subjects for scholars of class 6th to 12th. It’s the only tone- literacy app that enables STEM learning through immersive vids, interactive stoked reality, and 3D simulations. virtually app is the one- stop result for all your literacy needs. 




 This intelligent, interactive, and immersive literacy app revolutionizes the way scholars can learn, understand and apply scientific & fine generalities. The hands- on learning app islands the gap between theoretical literacy and practical operation with 


 👨‍🏫 Life- suchlike videotape content 


 🏫 existential literacy 

🧠 stoked reality literacy 


 🗣 Interactive literacy 


 👨‍💻 Live classes online 


 📟 Coding classes for children 


 🤳 AI- supported literacy 


 💁‍♀️ Study plan 


 📱 overlook anything 


 Learn To Code Online – Learn how to decode from scrape with Rendering online classes. 

 ❓ Resolve Your dubieties – 24X7 Seek Help point enables you to reach out to subject experts on the platform to resolve your dubieties. Also, you can obtain answers to all your questions from Proton! Your24/7 AI study chum. 


 🏁 Challenge Fellow Students – Challenge & contend with anyone from the pool of scholars and test your problem- working chops and abstract knowledge. 


 💁‍♀️ Study Plan – Plan your studies on a regular base & stay organized by tracking your performance. Ameliorate your literacy & save your time by setting a due date to complete each chapter!

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