MY23 BMW G 310 GS adventure bike gets new colours & graphics

MY23 BMW Motorrad G 310 R to get new colour & plates 


Along with streamlining its adventure traveling stock, the G 310 GS, with new colours, BMW Motorrad has some new colours and plates for the G 310 R as well. The lowest Roadster in BMW Motorrad’s lineup now comes in two new colour options. BMW has also discontinued the former colour options. piecemeal from the ornamental changes, the mechanicals of the bike remains the same. 

Analogous to how the G 310 GS is the entry point to BMW’s GS range, the G 310 R is the entry point to the brand’s Roadster range. In fact, the model is also the record point to the BMW Motorrad brand. The G 310 R is the in bulk affordable BMW motorcycle in India. As of now, there’s no evidence as to when the new colour options will come to India. still, they will probably arrive soon.  


2023 BMW G 310 R – New Colour Options 


As a part of the 2023 model time updates, BMW has given the naked bike two new colour options. These new colour options are – Racing Red and Polar White, and Racing Blue Metallic. The former comes below the ‘ Passion ’ style, while the latter comes under the ‘ Sport ’ style. 

The Racing Red features a red frame and red- coloured amalgamation bus. likewise, piecemeal from a many white panels and plates, the complete bike adorns a red theme. On the other hand, the Polar White and Racing Blue Metallic is a small update over the aged colour. It features the BMW M Motorsport colours and, like the Racing Red, also gets a red frame and red- coloured amalgamation bus. The tank of the bike is coloured white, and there are bold plates on the frontal veils. The panels bordering the hinder seat also get analogous plates. 


2023 BMW G 310 R – Specialized Specifications 

As the changes are only ornamental, the mechanicals remains the same. therefore, it continues to use the same 313cc liquid- cooled single- cylinder machine. As for the valvetrain, it uses a 4- stopcock DOHC setup. The motor makes 34 HP at,250 rpm and a maximum necklace of 28 Nm at,500 rpm. 


The suspense and retarding setup remains the same as the G 310 GS. still, it gets lower suspense trip at both ends. The frontal suspense trip is 140 mm, and the hinder suspense trip is 131 mm. The G 310 R also rides on 17- inch bus with a110/70 section tyre at the front and a150/60 section tyre at the reverse. A seat height of 785 mm also makes it easier for shorter riders to get on the G 310R.


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