10 Greatest and Most Popular Indian Musicians of All Time

10 Greatest and utmost Popular Indian Musicians of All Time 


each- time relaxing power snooze is said to be music! Well, we’re veritably rich in this art form as well India has been proved at time itself that our music is veritably soulful, pure and rich. 

1.) Ustad Bismillah Khan – 

With the veritably first our veritably notorious musician, Ustad Bismillah Khan who plays a shehnai and produce stirring pieces of music and also suitable to grasp the touch of Indian culture through his music art. 


He’s an Iconic figure in Indian music and made shehnai a popular instrument through his music. He has played in public events in our public days. He’s also honorable with Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan etc. At global position as well he fulfilled to mesmerized music suckers with his music. 


2.) Pandit Ravi Shankar – 

Our veritably enjoy the king of Indian Classical music, Pandit Ravi Shankar was the best- known players of Sitar. 

In the 20th century, he was the musician who came one of the most fat Indian music maestros, not only this; his music also has had a global impact. He was also bestowed with innumerous awards and honors in his continuance. 


3.) Hariprasad Chaurasia – 

A master of flutist instrument who counted the stylish and topmost in North Indian Bamboo Flute. In malignancy of a son of a wrestler, he gone against his father and intimately began learning in classical oral music from his age 15 from his neighbor. 

Who burned him, well he was deeply told by the notorious flutist Pandit Bholanath Prasanna of Varanasi, and he began his innings into playing the flute under his guidance. He’s recognized by Padma Shree and Padma Vibhushan Philanthropist. 



4.) Pandit Shivkumar Sharma – 

He’s the one and the rare musician who’s suitable to make a mark in the world with popular film music His masterpieces we can hear moment through the blockbusters similar as Silsila and Chandni which shows his brilliance of compositions. 


5.)R.D. Burman – 

A musical world was 1960’s to 1990’s with our Panchamda. He was the musician who introduces the western touch, melodies in the Hindi Film Industry. 

He changed the trend of music with his innovative and unique warbles which were suppose to be fresh for Indian cognizance. With veritably largely he was told by Western music, especially the Arabian and Persian music. He also created his own ideas with incorporating several stripes to the emulsion music and bounder- breaking songs. 


6.) Jagjit Singh – 

The ‘ Gazal King ’ our Indian pride, this famed Indian songster, pen, the musician he achieved inconceivable success with his pure soulful and fascinating voice in several stripes of music. 

Not ending this he also was good enough in the ranging from romantic warbles, sad compositions, and spiritual hymns. The icing on the cutlet was that this musician was married to another leading lady Chitra and brace created a musical magic together. A deep trouble was in their particular life was when they lost their only son which effects their lives sorely and the woman

gave up the music whereas Jagjit Singh continued to sing and attract an followership with communicating with the deepest mortal feelings through his art. 

7.)A.R. Rahman – 

The name is enough itself our pets and a living legend, he’s a magician his musical pieces are relatively touchy to the deeper places in the mortal heart. 

He’s actually a leader and has revolutionized Indian film music over the once two decades, whether it’s from film Roja to Rockstar his music has a charmed the cult. At present, he’s one of the world’s all- time stylish selling recording artists. 

We just wish this pure soul keep creating similar pure soul music for us. As an achiever and honors, he has won two Academy Awards, four public awards, fifteen Filmfare Awards and thirteen Filmfare Award Southetc. 


8.) Zakir Hussain – 

This youthful table maestro has a tremendous capability of putting the beat to every millisecond of passing moments.

Around global his performances are notorious and as well in our India, he’s a public treasure. His beats have done some great musical pieces also with the collaborations, including Shakti, earth barrel with Mickey Hart and numerous further workshop. He’s a Padma Bhushan and Padma Shree philanthropist. 

9.) Mian Tansen – 

Who forgot the Mughal emperor Akbar’s court, where our Mian Tansen was considered to be a colonist of classical music? He was one of nine jewels( Navratnas) of Mughal conglomerate. 

In Indian culture, his ragas play veritably poignant and important part, although we can see some of the prefix “ Mian ki Malhar ”. A pride name of our Indian music we laud to our musicians who take our music to a different position. 

10.)M.S Subbulakshmi – 

This lady was a legend who gave her veritably first performance at only age 13. Her first performance was at Madras Music Academy and her voice was relatively fascinating and stunned the followership. 

We can say she was indefectible in singing terms and that made her a princess of music. For her donation to the Carnatic music, she was recognized with Bharat Ratna, and also Ramon Magsaysay Award.

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