Anyror – Gujarat Land Records


Anyror – Gujarat Land Records

The Gujarat Revenue department provides area records through Anyror ( such as Bhulekh, account number, duplicate account and various category maps. You can check the Gujarat records of 225 High Courts and 26 regions through any Gujarat portal.

The Gujarat government has set up an entrance called Anyror, through which land records of Gujarat are acquired by hand. Today we will give you information about Anyror (Land Record) entry way. With this access path, you’ll be able to check your region record data in just a few moments. As you may know, Digital Gujarat Portal is a secluded area of ​​work for many administrations. This way, through the Digital Gujarat Portal, you too can check the records of your region.

If you have or need to know the situation, you should know what to look for at that time. Lean records can be viewed from any online portal at no cost to the state without any seams.

Similarly, you can get more information about your party owner’s name, territory and type of territory etc. Use this access road, you can find out the status of urban and rural area and find it.

If you are the owner of your property, you can apply any manual from your application.

With e-Act access, you can report 7/12, then you know only one of these things – study number, sour number, side name or party name. The administrator will have the option to look at the database and verify the subtlety with you before the document.


If the ROR needs to be used for legitimate purposes, you can make this printed record marked by a Mamlatdar or a discretionary person. That way 15 clients need to pay to get the ROR.

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