Biporjoy cyclone relief package 2023 announced

Biporjoy Cyclone Loss Assistance: Many areas in the state of Gujarat were affected due to the BIPORJOY cyclone that hit the state in June-2023. In such areas there have been cases of total or partial loss of residential raw/paved houses due to storms, so that the State Government has considered on humanitarian basis the provision of “special case” assistance from the State Budget in addition to resolution (1) read reference to SDRF. Regarding which the Government has decided to decide as follows at the end of mature consideration.

Table of Contents

BIPORJOY hurricane loss assistance
Clothing and housekeeping assistance:-
Building Assistance:-
BIPORJOY hurricane loss assistance
Scheme Name BIPORJOY Hurricane Loss Assistance
Department Revenue Department, Gujarat
Who will benefit? Affected people
Date of Resolution 20-06-2023

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સહાય કોને મળશે જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

કઈ શરતોને આધિન મળશે જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

ઑફિસિયાલ પરિપત્ર જોવો માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Building Assistance:-
An assistance of Rs.1,20,000/- from SDRF for residential raw/paved houses totally destroyed or severely damaged.
In case of partially damaged residential raw/paved houses,
Rs.6,500/- from SDRF and Rs.8,500/- from State Government budget for a total of Rs.15,000/- in case of partially damaged concrete house (available only if there is at least 15% damage).
In case of partially damaged green house (available only if there is at least 15% damage) Rs.4,000/- from SDRF and Rs.6,000/- from the State Government budget for a total assistance of Rs.10,000/-.
Totally destroyed or partially damaged shacks received assistance of Rs.8,000/- from SDRF and Rs.2,000/- from the State Government budget for a total of Rs.10,000/-.
Rs.3,000/- from SDRF and Rs.2,000/- from State Government budget totaling Rs.5,000/- for damage to cattle shed associated with the house


In cases where it is mentioned from the budget of the State Government, the expenditure will have to be met from the funds of the State Government.
The norms and procedures of the State Disaster Response Fund will be as per the guidelines read by the Government of India.
Expenditure incurred from State Government funds will have to be met separately.
The provisions of this resolution will apply as a “special case” to the districts in the area affected by Cyclone BIPORJOY in June-2023.
In respect of forced building which has to follow the policy rules of that department and this has to be considered as assistance only. This assistance does not confer any kind of legitimacy.
This resolution is issued as per the approval received vide Government’s note dated 19/06/2023 on the same file.

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