Commonwealth Games 2022: History of cricket at the event and special facts

Commonwealth Games 2022 History of justice at the event and special data 


To start with, Durban was the host of the event. still, South Africa refused to order the Games, citing its crippling frugality. 

Commonwealth Games 2022 are all set to protest off on 28th July. The first edition of this games was held in Hamilton, Canada in 1930. Commonwealth Games 2022 is its 22nd edition. 

Before we dive deep into the action, then are some intriguing data about the history of the Commonwealth Games. 

When did justice first come a part of the Commonwealth Games? 

judge first came part of the Commonwealth Games in 1998. The format worn was 50 overs per side. A aggregate of 16 brigades shared and South Africa won the gold order in justice by defeating Australia in the final. 


2022 will mark the debut of women’s justice at the Commonwealth Games. 

rationality for organizing Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham 


To start with, Durban was the host of the event. still, South Africa refused to order the Games, citing its crippling frugality. The hosting rights were also passed to Birmingham in December 2017. 


individual dates related to Commonwealth Games 2022 


The opening form of the Commonwealth Games 2022 will be held on July 28, and the ending form is listed for August 8. 

The Women’s Cricket contest will start from 29th July and will take up till 7th August. India will take on Australia on 29 July and Pakistan on 31 July. 

Which countries are playing justice? 


Women’s justice will be queried in the T20 format. A aggregate of eight brigades are sharing, which are divided into two different groups. brigades included in Group A are Australia, India, Pakistan, and Barbados. The brigades in Group B are England, New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka. 

Where will justice matches be played? 

All justice matches will be held in Edgbaston, It was then that Brian Lara made the first- class record of 501 *. In 2005, England won the Ashes series then by two runs. lately, England chased down a major target against India to position the series 2- 2. The first Women’s World Cup final in 1973 was too played at Edgbaston. 


The ending form is listed to go live at 1230 AM IST on 29th July.


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