Follow these tricks while cutting vegetables, there will not be any kind of mark on the hands

 Follow these tricks while cutting vegetables, there will not be any kind of mark on the hands

Cooking and eating vegetables is a part of everyday life and diet. From green leafy vegetables to organic vegetables, consuming vegetables is an important part of everyone’s daily routine. Despite being very careful while cutting vegetables, hands start bursting. Along with this, the hands also start looking dirty due to the marks of some vegetables like raw banana, gooseberry and jack fruit. Let us know that using some home remedies, how you can make hands soft and beautiful by getting rid of the side effects of cutting vegetables.

use mustard oil

People have a lot of trouble in cutting some vegetables like arbi, jack fruit. They not only start feeling sticky on the hands. Rather, itching starts in the hands after biting them. In such a situation, to get rid of the stickiness and itching of the vegetable, apply mustard oil on your hands. Then wash your hands with lukewarm water for some time.

Take help of Vaseline

Using Vaseline is a very effective way to make hands soft. For this, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them every night before sleeping. Now massage your hands by applying Vaseline. This will end the dryness of the hands and your hands will become soft.

Olive oil will remove stains

You can use olive oil to remove vegetable marks on your hands. For this, after washing hands with soap, apply olive oil and massage for a while. This will make your hands soft and spotless.

Scrubbing will remove dryness

Due to cutting vegetables, hands become dry as well as peeling. In such a situation, you can use a homemade scrubber to make hands soft. For this, scrub the hands by mixing curd and honey in oats. By applying this scrub once a week, the dead skin cells of the hands will end and the hands will become soft.

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