Hybrid Seed Scheme For Gujarat Farmers 2023 Online Apply

75 thousand rupees assistance scheme announced for farmers of Gujarat to buy hybrid seeds Know complete information.

Hybrid Seed Scheme 2023: The Hybrid Seed Scheme is a scheme launched by the Gujarat Government in the interest of farmers. Under this scheme, farmers are eligible to receive assistance of Rs 75 thousand to buy crop seeds. This scheme is for horticultural seeds. If it comes, let’s know the detailed information about this scheme.

Hybrid Seed Scheme 2023

  • Name of the Scheme Hybrid Seed Assistance Scheme
  • Objective of the scheme To provide assistance to the farmers to purchase crop seeds Assistance to enrich the farmers
  • Standard 75 thousand Rupees
  • Beneficiaries of the scheme Farmers of Gujarat
  • Application Type Online
  • Official Website https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in

Benefits ofREAD the scheme.

Under the Hybrid Seed Subsidy Scheme, a farmer will be eligible for Rs 40% of the per unit cost once his application is approved after applying online. Lesser of the two will get assistance 50% or 25,000 hectares of TSP area will get assistance for Scheduled Tribes. Agriculture will get 40% of the cost of hybrid seed purchase of hybrid seeds in time limit cost of five hectares and maximum of Rs 20,000 per hectare, whichever of the two is 50% in TSP area or Rs 25000 per hectare in TSP area

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How to Apply

  • First to apply go to i-portal
  • https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in/
  • After opening the i-portal click on different “Apply in Schemes”
  • then you will click on “Gardening Scheme” so the current scheme in Gardening Scheme All the schemes that are available
  • will appear in the Hybrid Seeds in Horticulture Schemes 101 list and you have to click on “Apply”. (You can do this application only once in life)
  • If you click on apply then you have to go there and click on “New Application”. And an online form will open in which you have to fill all your personal information
  • After filling all the required information get a copy of the application
  • Send the copy of the application along with your required documents to the address mentioned in the printout of the application.

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