Online Spoken English learning and practice

Online Spoken English learning and practice
Spoken English learning and practice has now become easy with AceFluency. To speak English fluently and confidently, you would need to practice spoken English on a daily basis with the native speakers. With AceFluency, you will get free daily talk time to connect with other co-learners across the world and with consistent practice you can master the art of English speaking. In an era of globalization, learning and speaking English not only allows you to communicate effectively with new people but it also opens up the doorway to a plethora of opportunities for you to grow in your professional career.

નવરાત્રી જય આદ્યાશક્તિ આરતી  વિડીયો સાંભળવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

નવરાત્રી જય આદ્યાશક્તિ આરતી  MP3 સાંભળવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

જય આદ્યાશક્તિ આરતી PDF DOWNLOAD

AceFluency offers a holistic solution for English language learning and is often rated, by the users, as the best app for spoken English practice. With AceFluency, not only you can learn the basics of English language but also you can learn and practice spoken English which even helps you to prepare for exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

AceFluency offers insightful live sessions, personalized guidance and mentorship program, calling feature to connect and practice with fellow learners, recorded video classes for grammar and vocabulary, a daily dose of vocabs/phrases/idioms, and many more exciting features.

Welcome to AceFluency, a platform that offers you a one-stop solution to enhance your English language skills. With Ace Fluency, you will experience personalized learning and assessment by top educators and apply theory into practice by having live chats with people across the globe.

Salient Features of the App:• Incognito Calling Mode – Keeps your identity anonymous while connecting with new people and, thus, enables you to talk freely in English with your co-learners without any hesitation. With regular practice, you can ace fluency in speaking English.
• Interactive Live Sessions – Attend live classes, one-on-one guidance and mentorship program with our certified trainers. Limited batch size for live classes to ensure adequate trainer attention for personalized learning.

•  Performance Statistics – Analyse your progress, strengths and areas of improvement in English speaking skills through real-time reports. Your ratings are derived from the feedback received by other learners for your language skills.
• Recorded Grammar & Vocabulary Sessions – Access on-demand recorded classes and learn at your own pace. The classes are designed across various levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced – while considering everyone’s needs.

• Daily Dose of words, idioms, phrasal verbs and slangs which will help you become fluent in the English language.
• English Radio to enhance your listening skills and Translator to check meaning and pronunciation of new words.

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