RagdaChaat Recipe how to make it

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Ragda Chaat form 


Ragda Chaat is principally made by cooking white peas and also adding a hint of flavors to accentuate the taste. Do you flash back the Chole, which you get with Kulche? Yes, that is the Chole which is used in this chaat. Along with onions, tomatoes, sev, papdi, and spices, this chaat is a lip- smacking form. You can fluently make this Chaat at your home. It’s pungent and scrumptious which brings back all the road food recollections. So, enjoy this Ragda Chaat and let’s know if you enjoyed eating it. 

How to make Ragda Chaat 


Step 1 Cook the Ragda 


Take boiled Ragda( white peas) in a visage, also add turmeric greasepaint, swab, and asafoetida. Pour water into the visage and keep stirring continuously. Cook it for about 4- 5 twinkles till the ragda thickens. It should not be too across or too watery. 


Step 2 Prepare the dressing 


Now, transfer the ragda in coliseums. Add chaat masala and cumin greasepaint. also add green chillies and onions. Sprinkle pepper and swab as per your taste. 



Step 3 Add crushed papdis in the coliseum 

Next, mizzle bomb juice and also add persecuted/ broken papdis. You can also embellish it with sev and coriander leaves. 



Step 4 Your Ragda Chaat is ready to serve 


Your Ragda Chaat is ready to give out hot. You can keep onions and bomb wedges alongside the ragda chaat. Enjoy this brickle and mushy chaat.


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