Tarot Card Prediction: Big change for Taurus, promotion for Gemini; check your zodiac

Tarot Card Prediction Big change for Taurus, creation for Gemini; check your wheel 


With new moon in Taurus and partial solar decline and lunar decline this month and auspicious energy of a Akshaya Tritiya around, the month of May is going to be more violent than usual. 

Wondering what this month holds for you in terms of your love life, career, and particular heartiness? 

With new moon in Taurus and partial solar decline and lunar decline this month and auspicious energy of a Akshay Tritiya around, the month of May is going to be more violent than usual. also, the entire month will be positive, though energy sanctification and grounding is demanded. 

Let’s get into advice for this month by Tarot reading of each Sun sign by Mrs Bina Sheth- Certified Tarot Reader- Healer- Life Coach from DivineBliss Cuttack. This is a general collaborative reading. Take what resonates leave the rest. 


Aries-( March 21- April 20) 


Good atmosphere at work front and social life. Finances will be good but charges will also be there for fests and parties. You’ll feel positive energy and passions in connections. Enjoy the time, but be aware of intemperance as it might affect your health. 


Taurus( April 21- May 20) 


Big change coming in for you regarding job and hookups. It’ll be a good time to snare new fiscal openings. Love connection with coworker is being seen. Time for soulmates to meet. Elders and sick will get support concerning their health issues. Take wise opinions for treatment. 

Gemini( May 21- June 21) 


prices, Promotion and recognition for work this month. Advanced pretensions can be achieved from this month onwards. root demanded to get desirable sucess. It’ll be good time to buy property, recreate passion and spark in connections. part chances to express yourself if you like or love someone. gestation is being seen for those trying to conceive. 

Cancer( June 22- July 22) 


Work affiliated trip on cards. Speed and energy in work and career prognosticated. Avoid high threat investments indeed though plutocrat will come presto to you. You should avoid taking hasty opinions. There will be preoccupation and passion in connections. You might meet someone while travelling. The overall health recovery will be presto. still, you need to address health issues snappily. 

Leo( July 23- August 22) 


Job struggles or going out of business through this time is likely. But stay positive as you’ll come out of it soon. fiscal position will be tight but some support will come to you. You fiscal situation might affect your relationship but stay together as it shall pass. If u go against the inflow of energy also bifurcation or divorce might be there. Meditate and base yourself as time is tough for you. 

Virgo( August 23- September 22) 


Business mate or hand might leave you but results might come, so do n’t be in despair. It isn’t good time for new investments but heritage likely to come. You’ll get support from trusted musketeers with whom you can express your internal and emotional state. Speak up, else it’ll affect your health. 

Libra( September 23- October 22) 


Job and fiscal stability for you but your employer might withhold your pay rise for now. Business will be good. Savings for future can be done. Be aware of covetousness. grievances and control over relationship will bring misalignment in connections so forgive and let go. else this negativity will affect your health. 

Scorpio( October 23- November 22) 

Life might be busy, excited and grueling this month. But you’ll feel confident and important to deal the situation. Make smart investments for long term plans. condemn game in connections will bring pressure so maintain control and hold on yourself. Some illness might come which will be grueling and you’ll have to control it wisely. 

Sagittarius( November 23- Dec 21) 

effects will be going well and harmonious in your life this time. You’ll make good hookups and systems will be successful. Balanced situation for you financially. Equal give and take in relationship. Binary gestation possible for those trying to conceive. 

Capricorn( December 22- Jan 19) 


New onsets and good news coming. New job or systems and creation is being seen. Good fiscal returns from investments, heritage also possible. Fun, excitement and naturalness in connections. New passion for fitness and diet. Overall a good time. 

Aquarius( January 20- February 19) 

Great time to get involved in creative and platoon work. Good time for charity work. Perfect time to type will if you wish to. You’ll admit plutocrat from family. Guard of childhood in connections as it might beget problems. once connections coming back. Try to simplify your life as presto paced life is affecting your energy and life both. 

Pisces( February 20- March 20) 


Taking charge of new gambles with vision and focus. Good success in business. Do n’t let feelings rule your head in fiscal matters m. Some challenges might come in connections so be honest and have clear communication. Get control of your bad habits. Possibility of surgery is being seen. So be careful. 

May this month guide lots of love and blessings in your life. It’s a general reading For particular readings contact on 9437411155


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