Tata E-Cycle company has launched e-cycle, its price, features and features

tata e-cycle: In today’s modern era, many technologies are increasing. Also, the use of electric cars and bikes has increased to a great extent. As technology is developing. Everyone’s life is hectic. People have forgotten how to cycle. Cycling is very beneficial for our health.

Advantages of E-Cycle- Tata E-Cycle

If you are worried about the rising prices of petrol and diesel and you are looking for an electric bicycle that offers a low price and a good range, then your search is over. Because we are giving you information about some such e-cycles, which will take care of your health along with your pocket.

Why is the demand of e-cycle high?

The trend of electric mobility is going on all over the world. Petrol diesel price is increasing day by day. People are now buying these cars on the purchase of two-wheelers and four-wheelers as well as electric bicycles. At this time the demand for electric vehicles is high. Due to which companies are now busy in launching new models of bicycles in the market. Tata Strider electric bike has also been launched.

Tata is called a world famous company. Tata company Strider has launched its new electric bicycle. Tata company has named this e-bike Zeta Plus bicycle. Which can prove to be a good option in terms of transportation that does not harm the environment or is eco-friendly, reliable and at low cost.

How many kilometers is the battery charge of Zeta Plus and what will be its top speed?
Zeta Plus company has used 250W BLDC motor in this bike. This bike uses a 36V-6Ah battery pack. Which gives a power output of 216Wh. It can travel up to 30 kilometers on a single charge. And its top speed is 25 km per hour.

Features dual disc brakes

Zeta Plus company has arranged to provide dual disc brakes in this electric bike. Due to which it can have better cycle control.

What is the price of Zeta Plus E-Cycle?

The price of this Zeta Plus E cycle manufactured by the Tata company has been kept at a starting price of 26,995. The starting price by the company is to how many of its first customers the company wants to sell bicycles at this price. After which its price will be increased by Rs 6,000. The bicycle is available on the official website of the company.

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