The 10 Richest YouTubers of 2022 — Based on Net Worth

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The 10 Richest YouTubers of 2022 — Grounded on Net Worth 


With further than 2 billion druggies – that’s about one in four people in the world – YouTube is combing in the announcement profit. This means the platform’s content generators can earn good plutocrat too, depending on how numerous people watch their vids and subscribe to their channels. While YouTube riches are n’t guaranteed, popular generators may earn enough to be suitable to quit their day jobs, and some have indeed come millionaires( or, as the case for our top pick, some have used their YouTube origins to launch careers as stars). So who are the richest YouTubers( and stars who got their launch on YouTube) right now? We ’ve rounded up 20 of the richest YouTubers in 2022 via their estimated net worth( note all numbers are in US bones ). 

1. Justin Bieber( Estimated net worth$ 285 million) 


While utmost of us know him solely as a music megastar now, Justin Bieber started his career on YouTube and his channel is still a Goliath on the platform. When an nearly 13- time-old Justin Bieber’s mama posted vids of the Stratford, Ontario native singing, nothing could have pictured where it would lead. Justin’s YouTube channel has since collect 68 million subscribers and over 27 billion views. While he’s not primarily a YouTuber presently, his channel is still veritably active. The vids are just important slicker than those early manual bones

How did it all be? A record company superintendent was searching for vids of a different songster when he stumbled upon youthful Justin’s vids, had him record demonstrations, got him to sing with Usher and landed him his first record deal. Over 150 million records vended, innumerous awards, a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and a net worth that Wealthy Gorilla estimates at$ 285 million latterly and Justin is well on his way to come one of the world’s richest vocalizers. 

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2. Jeffree Star( Estimated net worth$ 200 million) 


still, Jeffree Star formerly again tops our list of the richest YouTubers, with an estimated net worth of$ 200 million, If you do n’t count Justin Bieber as a YouTuber( and some may not however we’ll make a case for it next). The makeup artist started his career as influencer on MySpace( back when that was still a thing) and has been active on YouTube since 2006. 

His social media fame helped him have a short- lived music career, and he has also been the star of two talkie web series. The real catalyst for his YouTube channel getting monstrously popular, though – it has over 16 million subscribers and further than2.55 billion total views – was when he innovated Jeffree Star Cosmetics and posted makeup tutorials to promote the brand. 

3. Stevin John( AKA Blippi)( Estimated net worth$ 40 million) 


Stevin John is better known to observers as Blippi, the character he plays on the eponymous YouTube channel he created in 2014. After serving in the United States Air Force, Stevin returned to his birthplace and a many times latterly, he created Blippi, the star of fun, educational vids for kiddies. These vids and the character proved monstrously popular with kiddies and parents likewise. 


In 2020, London- grounded media company Moonbug Entertainment bought the channel and there are now Blippi channels in several languages. The main channel has15.2 million subscribers and over 12 billion views. Stevin John has an estimated net worth of$ 40 million, according to Wealthy Gorilla. 


4. Felix Kjellberg( AKA PewDiePie)( Estimated net worth$ 40 million) 


utmost people know Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg by his alias, PewDiePie. A time after he started his main YouTube channel in 2010, he left university due to lack of interest in his course. His parents would n’t financially support him, so he’d colorful jobs to pay the rent while creating his gaming- grounded content. By July 2012, he’d 1 million subscribers; moment, that number has grown to a whopping 111 million, with over28.2 billion views. 

He has a type of Oprah effect, which has really helped the deals of especially indie videotape games, and while he’s been bogged in several difficulties, he’s also raised vast quantities of plutocrat for colorful causes. He has a slew of awards and a top-selling book to his name. fat Gorilla estimates his net worth at$ 40 million. 

5. Logan Paul( Estimated net worth$ 35 million) 


Jake Paul’s aged family Logan also first gained a following on Vine before making it big on YouTube. Still, the 26- time-old’s YouTube career started in 2007 with Zoosh, now ldogandjslice, which has amassed a little over 10 million views. In 2013, Logan started TheOfficialLoganPaul, which has 5 million subscribers and over 627 million views. His main channel, Logan Paul, has been over since 2015 and has 23.4 million subscribers and over5.8 billion views. In addition to a controversial career as YouTuber and podcaster, Logan Paul has had acting corridor in pictures and television shows and is a professional prizefighter. 

6. Mark Fischbach( AKA Markiplier)( Estimated net worth$ 35 million) 


More known as Markiplier, Mark Fischbach firstly created his YouTube channel in 2012 to point sketch comedy vids. He’s since added gaming vids and has banded with other YouTubers too. His channel has32.4 million subscribers and over17.8 billion views. In addition to some television and movie places, Markiplier has fanned out into podcasting and the apparel brand Cloak. Among his multiple awards are bones


feting the large quantities of plutocrat he’s raised for charity through livestreams.

7. Daniel Middleton( Estimated net worth$ 35 million) 

For numerous of us, videotape games can help internal health. For Daniel Middleton, gaming also helped his bank balance. The British YouTuber created his main channel, now known as DanTDM, in 2012, furnishing narrative on games like Minecraft. The channel now has 26 million subscribers and over18.6 billion views. Daniel has three Guinness World Records and three Nickelodeon Kids ’ Choice Awards to his name. He’s also the author of a bestselling graphic novel and, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he has an estimated$ 35 million to his name. 
8. Ryan Kaji( Estimated net worth$ 32 million) 

Beforehand in 2015, also 3- time-old Ryan Kaji watched toy unboxing vids on YouTube and asked his mama why he was n’t on YouTube like all the other kiddies. So, his mama quit her tutoring job to concentrate on creating content for Ryan’s veritably own channel, which latterly came known as Ryan’s World. Ryan’s toy reviews have come so influential that they can make or break a toy’s deals. We ’re looking future to seeing whether Ryan changes his channel’s focus as he grows up. He turns 11 latterly this time. Meanwhile, 32 million subscribers and over50.7 billion views have helped earn him a net worth that Wealthy Gorilla estimates at$ 32 million. 
9. Jake Paul( Estimated net worth$ 30 million) 

Indeed though Jake Paul first gained a huge following on Vine, he started his YouTube channel in the same time that he started posting on Vine. It was 2013, he was 16 at the time, and he substantially posted knavery vids. This landed him a part in Bizaardvark, but not everyone appreciated his work. While rephotographing the alternate series of the show, he got fired after a slew of complaints and a public nuisance action against him. 
Paul has been bogged in innumerous difficulties ranging from allegations of sexual assault and scamming people to immorally riding a motorized vehicle on a defended sand in Puerto Rico. Still, his main channel has20.4 million subscribers and over7.1 billion views. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his fortune at$ 30 million. Like his family Logan, Jake has embarked on a boxing career as well. 
10. Jimmy Donaldson( AKA MrBeast)( Estimated net worth$ 25 million) 
There are numerous ways to diversify your income sluice and earn plutocrat while you ’re sleeping. One of these is to come a YouTuber and then, Jimmy Donaldson – or Mr Beast – discovered another secret have multiple channels and make sure each bone is hectically successful. He begin his main channel in 2012, when he was 13. That channel now has92.1. million subscribers and further than 15 billion views. 
A master of the viral videotape, his different channels combined have over 160 million subscribers and over22.5 billion views. Donaldson has also fanned into other business gambles, including Mr Beast Burger and investing in tech companies. He has raised millions for charity, fastening substantially on environmental issues, and all the gains from his Beast Philanthropy channel go towards charitable causes. Celebrity Net Worth says he has an estimated$ 25 million to his name.

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