top 10 voice typing in all languages app download

Top 10 voice typing in all languages app download

10 Stylish Dictation Software 2022 (Voice To Text Software) 

This tutorial compares the top Dictation Software with features and pricing. Elect the stylish voice to textbook software for your conditions 

Dictation software allows you to speak rather of codifying. The operation has a textbook-to- speech recognition point and converts spoken words to text. The technology has come a long way, allowing you to mandate documents with over to 95 percent delicacy. 

 List Of Top Dictation Software 

 Then’s a list of popular Dictation Software 

  • Dragon Speech Recognition Results 
  • Braina 
  • Google Docs Voice Typing 
  • Apple Dictation 
  • Winscribe 
  • Speechnotes 
  • e-Speaking 
  • Gboard 
  • Windows 10 Speech Recognition 
  • Otter 

(1) Dragon Speech Recognition Results 

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Dragon Speech Recognition Results – Stylish for scholars, legal, health care, and other professionals to transcribe textbook and share documents with high encryption. 

Dragon Speech Recognition Results is a dictation operation possessed by Nuance. The software also supports pall document operation. It has AI- grounded speech recognition that learns the voice with lesser delicacy over time. 


  •  Pall document operation 
  •  Control computer 
  •  Delicacy of 99 percent 
  •  256- bit document encryption 

(2) Braina 


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Stylish for decreeing textbook using the mortal language interface on any website or software. 

Braina is a popular speech recognition software that allows dictation in over 90 languages with high delicacy. You can control apps and transcribe textbook on any operation and website using the dictation software. 


  • Dictation software 
  • 99 percent delicacy 
  • AI- grounded voice recognition 
  • Particular virtual adjunct 
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android bias 

(3) Google Docs Voice Typing 

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Stylish for transcribing textbook for free on Google Docs online. 

Google Docs had added a dictation point a many times back in the free Google Croakers online operation. The dictation point is presently available only if you use the online app in the Chrome cybersurfer. It allows you to transcribe textbook on Google croakers and save the document on Google Cloud. 


  • Voice dictation 
  • Google Pall integration 
  • Supports PC and Mac bias 

(4) Apple Dictation 

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Stylish for transcribing textbook for free on Apple bias. 

Apple’s dictation point allows you to mandate dispatches and documents on your Mac bias. You can use this point with operations where you can class including word processor, social media spots, donation operations, and others. 


  • Keyboard dictation 
  • Share audio recordings 
  • Multi-language support 

(5) Winscribe 

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Stylish for legal, health care, law enforcement, education, and other professionals to mandate textbook on Android and iPhone bias. 

Winscribe is a dictation software company grounded in New Zealand. This dictation software is possessed by Nuance, which allows you to transcribe and review documents on your smartphone. It also provides attestation workflow operation to organize mandated textbook. It’s available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. 


  • Dictation 
  • Supports Android, iPhone, PC, and Blackberry bias 
  • Document operation 
  • Data encryption 
  • Reporting 

(6) Speechnotes 

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Stylish for decreeing textbook online for free. 

Screennotes is online dictation software that lets you type using your voice. You can also fit long textbooks with just one valve. It supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindu, Urdu, Turkish, Bahasha, and numerous other languages. You can also order a professional transcribing service at$0.1 per nanosecond. 


  • Fast speech recognition 
  • Workshop on any website 
  • Keyboard roadway for launch and pause 
  • Custom textbook prints 
  • Import to Google Drive 

(7) e-Speaking 

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Stylish for using voice command to control windows without using a keyboard or mouse. 


e-Speaking is a dictation tool that allows you to control the Windows operating system. You can use the voice operation to replace the keyboard and mouse. It allows you to open operations, browse windows, and produce documents with voice commands. 


  • 100 erected-in commands 
  • 26 dictation voice command variation 
  • Integrate with Office 
  • Based on Microsoft SAPI speech machine 
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7, and Win8 

(8) Gboard 

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Best for Android phone druggies to mandate speech, glide typing, and handwriting. 


Gboard is an easy-to- use keyboard operation for android druggies. The android app allows you to do a lot of effects similar as mandate textbook, swipe- style input, and emoji hunt when drooling. 


  • Voice codifying 
  • Emoji and GIFs search 
  • Multilingual support 
  • Gesture cursor control 

(9) Windows 10 Speech Recognition 

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Stylish for Windows druggies to control the operating system and produce documents. 


Microsoft included the speech recognition point for the first time in Windows Vista. All the posterior releases also contain a speech recognition point. The Windows 10 speech recognition point is much better than its former replication with enhanced speech recognition. You can train the speech recognition software to fete your voice. 


  • Launch operations 
  • Mandate textbook 
  • Navigate windows 
  • Use in place of mouse or keyboard 

(10) Otter 

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Stylish for transcribing voice exchanges for experimenters and scholars. 


Otter is a responsive dictation software with high delicacy. The software boasts of AI technology called Ambient Voice Intelligence (AVI) which allows it to learn as you speak. It also supports platoon collaboration features similar as sync with drone, share voiceprints, and stoner operation. 


  • Live transcribe 
  • Partake voice 
  • Record discussion 
  • Ambient Voice Intelligence 

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