Visit these places in India with your family during the rainy season

Places To Visit in India through Monsoon That Will Make You Fall In Love With Rain 


 Exploring the length and the breadth of India during the stormy rainfall of the Indian thunderstorm is really an experience of a continuance when one can witness the true beauty of nature. When it comes to Places to visit in India through Monsoon, you have a wide range of destinations to choose from for a remarkable vacation. During the showers, the pitches and mountains get covered with the abundant verdure, the lakes flood tide with shimmering water, and the falls turn noble due to ample water force to give you the stylish of inconceivable India. 

 Places to visit in India during Monsoon 

 1. Lonavala 

 still, who love the rain, also this is the stylish option for you to visit, If you’re one of those people. Amongst all the Places to visit in India during Monsoon, this can be one of the stylish options for the general lush green terrain that’s well congratulated along with the presence of beautiful falls is one of a kind view to experience. 

 Approx Distance from field 90 km 

 Must have experience You must eat hot Masala Chai with racy Vada Pav and Bhajiyas 

 Significance As the place looks absolutely fantastic in downtime, you’ll be suitable to visit some notorious places in Lonavala like Tiger’s Leap, Bhushi Dam, Della Adventure and further. 

2. Kodaikanal 


 When it comes to Places to visit in India during Monsoon, you can not miss the name Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal in the southern state of Tamil Nadu is a treat to the eyes during the thunderstorm days. During the thunderstorm, it offers the lovely terrain that’s full of water bodies like lakes as well as falls as well as a green view of the ghats and the hills too. 

Approx Distance from field 504 km 

 Must have experience You should visit the places like Kodaikanal Lake, Coaker’s walk, Bryant Park and further 

 Significance piecemeal from India’s thunderstorm lodestones like this, you can enjoy numerous out-of-door conditioning during this time similar as walks on the sand, swimming, water sports and further 

. Andaman and Nicobar islets 

 When it comes to doing fun and amusing effects to do in India during thunderstorm, you have to choose the Andaman and Nicobar Tour Package. conforming of around some 570 islets as well as spell- bounding wildlife and also thrilling water sports, the view is each set to dumbfound you this thunderstorm. 

Approx Distance from field 31 km 

 Must have experience Visiting the Havelock Island, Baratang, and Radhanagar sand will help you to get the experience. 

 Significance You can try lots of water sports over there and piecemeal from that, the evening and daylight at the time are one of the stylish views to watch. 

4. Coorg 

 India tourism during the stormy season is one of the excellent gests . Coorg is one similar place that’s generally covered with the thick and thick cover of the natural foliage and fauna. It’s a romantic flight that has an expansive variety of falls, lakes as well as coffee colonies and a lot further. 


 Approx Distance from field 285 km 

Must have experience Abbey falls, Raja’s seat and so numerous stunning places are there that you should visit in a thunderstorm to witness. 

 Significance Doing some adventure sports in the season like touring, mountaineering and camping over there will be a great experience. 

 5. Munnar 

 India stint packages during stormy season come at an affordable price as well. All people are generally apprehensive of the geography’s bounty that conquers in the southern countries. Munnar is also a place belonging to Kerala that isn’t much lower than the heaven as well as paradise in the country. 


 Approx Distance from field 110 km 

Must have experience When you’re in Munnar at a beautiful season, you can not miss visiting Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, Anamudi and further 

 Significance The bright argentine mist, hills along with the tea auditoriums platoon up with the atmosphere and affable climate in order to offer you with a perfect experience of being one of the stylish vacation packages in India. 

 6. Spiti valley 

 There are ample quantum of Places to visit in India during Monsoon, and amongst all, this is one of the excellent places to visit. This place is  in favour with the name of little Tibet. During the stormy season, the area looks fresh and mesmerising. 

 Approx Distance from field 196 km 

 Must have experience You can indulge yourself in swash rafting, esteeming in foliage and fauna. The Tibetan dishes like polls, momo is one of the dainty effects to have. 

 Significance There’s a spell of magic in the air of this place that should be considered as an excellent holiday

 option for all those stalwart hearts during the thunderstorm season. 

7. Leh & Ladakh 

 Leh & Ladakh lies near the Indus vale, at the far- flung corner of Northern India. During the stormy season, the place looks just mesmerising and fresh too. 


 Approx Distance from field2.4 km 

Must have experience If you’re in Leh and Ladakh, you can not miss the fantastic conditioning like boarding, safari in Nubra valley and Leh palace. 

 Significance When you visit this area you’ll really notice that it’s bounded by two of the world’s most expansive mountain ranges and is girdled by the subalpine timber. Some of the oldest and major Buddhist cloisters are also present then like the Shanti Stupa.

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