Rulse Changes From 1st May : banks, ATMs, railways, airlines from May 1: All you need to know

Many things related to your daily life have changed since May 1st.  It also includes changes to cooking gas cylinders, banks, railways and airlines.  These changes will have a direct impact on your pocket.  Now you will get lower interest on the savings account of State Bank of India (SBI), the largest bank in the country.  On the other hand, the price of non-subsidized cooking gas cylinder has been reduced by Rs 162.  Find out what changes have taken place since May 1.
 SBI’s savings account will earn less interest
* You will now get lower interest on SBI Savings Account.  The bank will offer 3.05 per cent interest on deposits up to Rs 1 lakh.  Deposits above Rs 1 lakh will earn 3.25 per cent interest.
 Cooking gas prices fell
*  The price of unsubsidised LPG cylinders has been reduced by Rs 162 from May 1.  According to oil marketing companies, the new rates came into effect on Friday.
 PNB discontinues digital wallet service
 Punjab National Bank’s (PNB) digital wallet will not work from May 1.  All PNB customers who used its Kitty Wallet service can now transfer or spend wallet money via IMPS.
* According to PNB, if there is zero balance in the user’s wallet, the account will be closed.  If the balance net is not zero then users have to spend or transfer that money.  If the customer wants to change the phone number registered with the bank, he has to close the wallet first by spending the money.
 * Pensioners who opt for the commute pension option will get a full pension
 * The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has started giving full pensions to those who opted for commutation at the time of retirement from May.  The full pension system will be re-introduced to EPFO ​​employees 15 years after retirement.  If an employee retires on May 1, 2020, he will get a pension after 15 years, i.e. more than May 1, 2020.
 *Railways changed the rules
 Railways have changed many rules due to coronavirus.  This rule will apply when the railway service starts.  According to this rule, a passenger can change their boarding station up to 4 hours before the reservation chart is created.  Under the current rule, passengers could change boarding stations 24 hours in advance.  If a passenger changes boarding station and will not travel and then if he cancels the ticket, he will not get any refund.
 Air India will not charge for ticket cancellations
*From May 1, Air India passengers will not have to pay any extra charge for canceling a ticket.  If the passenger cancels the ticket or makes any change within 24 hours of booking, he / she will not have to pay any fee.

Rulse Changes From 1st May : banks, ATMs, railways, airlines from May 1: All you need to know


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